Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Melody Of Dev D

Much as I disliked Dev D when I watched it, its soundtrack is one of a kind. It rocks.

I think everybody loves Emosanal Attyachaar for its combination of music, lyrics, and singing style. And the Elvis look. An odd combination, if you actually think about it, but it works. It's wonderful.

Then there are the numbers like Nayan Tarse, Duniya and Pardesi which have a bit of a fusion music feel to them. I think the lyrics of Pardesi are an integral part of the USP of this album.

I really like the clothes the heroine (Her name escapes me, and it's not really important to me.) wore when she danced to Dhol Yaara Dhol. I also like the vocals in this song. This girl, Shilpa Rao, has a lovely voice.

And then there's the Punjabi touch that can be felt markedly in Mahi Mennu and Hikknaal. Both beautiful, foot tapping numbers.

And my favourite in this album is Paayaliya. After Mar Jaawan, Shruti Pathak is at it again. She's given me a song I just don't grow tired of. I can play it on repeat all day long in the office, and then again in the car, and then again when I'm back home, and I'll also want to hum it when I don't have ready access to a music playing device.

Okay, I cannot talk about all eighteen tracks. I don't really wish to. But it's a great album. It's refreshingly different from the other stuff one gets to hear these days.


actinium said...

Maahi Gill.
n while v r at it, Ranjhana pretty gud too...

Bhavya said...

Yes it was. But it's essentially a slower version of Dhol Yaara Dhol so I didn't feel the need to talk about it separately