Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dressing Up

Does anyone remember the episode of Friends where Monica goes to pick up Emily's wedding dress, and ends up trying it on herself, and then feels so good wearing it that she just doesn't want to take it off? Once Phoebe and Rachel see her, they join in as well. It was quite funny, seeing the three of them wearing wedding dresses and sitting on the couch in Monica's living room. But I couldn't really relate to the idea until I discovered for myself the psychological effects of just trying on a wedding dress. Now I know why these things cost so much. Because there are some things that come with them that you just cannot put a price tag on.

I'm sure a lot of people will distinctly remember the shade of pink that my blog originally was when I started it. It's approximately the same shade that distinctly dominates my trousseau. In spite of my intermittent conscious efforts to buy stuff in other colours. But you know, even my mom tells me that I look radiant when I wear that colour. So do a lot of friends. So there. Dark pink it is.

Just five weeks to go. The wait has its own magic, you know.

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