Friday, March 20, 2009

Random Interesting Tidbits On The Way To My Wedding

In the course of preparing for the wedding, things sometimes get stressful, sometimes exciting, overwhelming, joyful, tiring. In the middle of all of it, some things manage to be funny, and wash away the negativity with the laughter.

On one of my early lehenga-surveying trips, I asked the sales guy to hand me the lehenga so I could see how heavy it was, and if I would be able to walk comfortably in it. He told me that wedding lehengas were so designed that you could walk in them, but you couldn't run. What I got from that was that he was trying to say that I couldn't run away if I changed my mind. I asked him if that was what he meant. He clarified that he'd meant that you couldn't walk too fast, because people want the bride to walk slowly towards the stage. It was rather funny, and a little embarrassing, since it happened in front of another bride-to-be, and two older women, possibly her mom and mom-in-law to be. I can still clearly picture the zapped expression on the other girl's face!

My brother asked if brides arrive in palkis at their wedding. I told him that brothers carry that thing, and I would be more than willing if my brothers were willing to carry it. He immediately withdrew the suggestion.

My mom tells me there's a swimming pool in the farmhouse that we've booked for the big day. She suggested floating a gondola-like boat in it and having the varmaala there.

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