Sunday, March 22, 2009

Movie Recommendations

So today I feel like sharing my thoughts on some movies I like. Here I go.

Outsourced: This is something I wanted to see a while ago when it was up in movie theaters, but I happened to miss it for some reason which I am unable to remember. I managed to catch about two-thirds of it on TV recently, and ended up enjoying every little bit of it. The story revolves around outsourcing work to cheaper geographical locations, which is something we can all relate to at this point of time. The plight of the guy who comes to India from the US to train his own replacement is, at most points of time, quite laughable. The romantic angle that happens to come into the picture is also rather comic. In spite of ending in a separation, it does not come across as tragic in the slightest way.

Notting Hill: One of the most beautifully and simply romantic movies of all time. I've seen this one any number of times, and I can still see it any number of times. The way it explores the ordinary girl looking for love, a girl just like any of us, just hidden inside the skin of a celebrity, is just lovely. Oh, and, Hugh Grant's accent always makes me go weak in the knees!

Father Of The Bride: You know what this movie tells us? Getting married is one thing, hosting a wedding is another story all together. It's one thing to pick who you want to marry, but it's equally important (maybe more, who knows?) to pick what flowers you want at the wedding. Completely hilarious, and manages to touch a chord with all of us. By the way, this is showing on Star Movies tomorrow night.

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