Thursday, March 19, 2009

One Month To Go

One month to go for the big day. There's a lot of nervous excitement, joyous excitement, just excitement, and just joy. There's lots to do and lots to plan. There's lots that has already been done. I've always known, but I now know first hand, that in India, a wedding does not take place between two people. It happens between two families. Not just two nuclear families. Two vast, extended families. Where and how it happens is just about as big a deal as whom you marry. Planning and preparing for all of that is a little stressful, but also a lot of fun. Thinking about everything that there is to look forward to is the most beautiful feeling in the world. After all of this and after seeing a lot of close friends getting married, I've come to believe that everybody finds their right person, sooner or later. Whether they do it on their own or their parents help them out. Eventually it all turns out great. Touch wood!

PS: It's been about two weeks that I've refrained from cutting my nails. I'm a little surprised at myself. They are beginning to cause a little discomfort on this keyboard, though.

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