Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Vacation Ends

This was one of the most awaited, much needed vacations I've ever had. Of late, I'd been feeling pretty tired and listless, mentally and physically. I needed a lot of sleep. I needed peace and solitude. I got all that. I am on my way to resurrect reading as an essential component of my daily routine. In the last one year or so, I'd neglected to read even Reader's Digest, let alone a complete novel or a non-fiction book. It feels good to be back in the habit. It feels good to have rediscovered another obsession, another addiction. These days, the blog and the book compete for my attention. I have to force myself to turn of the computer if I want to read the book. And I have to force myself to put away the book if I want to write a post. The latter was particularly difficult during the A Thousand Splendid Suns phase.

I loved spending as much time as I pleased in a warm blanket. Or in a warm bath. I loved eleven days of forgetting all about my diet and pigging out on chocolaty desserts. Of course, I will compensate for that. I loved going out for movies by myself. This will continue after the vacation is over. Interestingly, the two obsessions did not allow me to watch a single movie at home, either on a computer or on the TV. I had planned to watch about ten pending movies on a computer. I guess they will have to wait. At least until I finish my current book.

PS: Two hours of Kahin To..., Kaise Mujhe, Kuch Khaas and Mar Jaawan on repeat, and four posts on my private blog, and I cannot fall asleep. I guess my book awaits me.

PPS: I just checked out the music of Luck By Chance. Seems pretty hopeless to me. But I still have high hopes from the movie.

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Dewdrop said...

Sapnon se bhare naina in Luck By Chance sounds good to me... waise, there are always those days when sleep evades... like it is now for me... 5:20am on the clock and am still wide awake! :)