Saturday, January 10, 2009

Maa Da Laadla Exits Indian Idol

After months of my mom (well, initially my mom, and eventually the entire family) being hooked to Indian Idol, her student, who was a participant on the show, was eliminated today. Like I mentioned in the earlier post, I'd become emotionally attached to the show and the participants. There were two participants whom I was particularly attached to. One was the aforementioned guy, Mohit Lalwani, who used to be my mom's student, and the other is my namesake, Bhavya Pandit, who, I think, is undoubtedly the best singer amongst the girls, and among the best three... well, best two, now that Mohit is out. These two have, for long, been the judges' favourites on the show as well, and have been brought back on to the show by the judges when the audience voted them out. And this evening, it was between the two of them. One of them had to go. All the judges were pretty appalled. And I was beginning to feel a little like I do when I watch the sad parts in a good movie or TV show. Both of them sang really well in the last round. Both have consistently been singing beautifully, and improving their performances with each successive round. There were at least four others whom the judges (and I) regarded as more likely candidates for going home after this round. But those contestants did not. Mohit did.

Every time somebody leaves the show, at least one of the judges says a few consoling words about this not being the end of the world and how real talent would eventually be recognized. Today all of them did. And it was quite evident that they were not saying it just for the sake of saying it. They really felt that this guy is talented and does not deserve to leave so soon. Javed Akhtar reassured him that they would meet again, in some recording room, to record a song together. It was all pretty touching. And even I cried a little, the way I do when I watch a movie end in a sad way. I tend to control myself in this regard when my parents are around, as I did today as well.

Strange, isn't it, how strongly you can feel for people you've never met, whom you do not know, or even for fictional characters in books or movies?

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