Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Akash

People who've been following my blog probably know quite a bit about Akash by now, even if they don't know him in person. I've written a fair amount of stuff about him. But I just want to put down a few more lines here, for the occasion. Here's how things are different, now that Akash no longer works in the same office.

Bhatti is trying his level best to keep his promise to irritate me as much as Akash used to. And I must say he is pretty successful at it. But obviously, it's not quite the same. Bhatti cannot whine in the same way, can he? Can he say "Hadh badtameezi hai yaar!" with quite the same expression?

I miss the random outings for hot chocolate fudge. And the frequent requests (perhaps demands is a better word) for such outings. And all the unfulfilled demands for momos that he used to badger all of us with. The nonsensical blabber at the lunch table, which, by the way, Abhinav has taken it upon himself to make up for. He has gone a little overboard in his efforts to do so.

Anyway, not to digress too much from the main point of this post, I'll just wrap up here. Happy birthday buddy. May the coming year see you smiling, happy, and surrounded by love and warmth.


actinium said...

Happy Birthday buddy :-)

Akash said...

Thanks Bhavya :)