Friday, January 30, 2009

Moving Day

Where I did my internship, my desk was moved four times in four months. After I took up this job, I had the same cubicle for exactly two years and nine months. So it was a pleasant change for me to have my desk moved today.

The team needed to be moved in order for the floor to be renovated. It's brought about a lot of rearrangement. Bhatti had to move away from my immediately neighbouring cubicle anyway, because he is joining a different team now. But he's still on the same floor, although located at approximately the opposite corner from my desk. My immediate team is now completely in the immediate vicinity. I used to say that I remember the extension numbers of all the people in the team who are not within shouting distance. Now everybody is within shouting distance. There are also a whole bunch of relatively unfamiliar people in the close neighbourhood. Oh, and, of course, the cubicles are a lot smaller. And more brightly coloured. I like the orange coloured insides.

I like this kind of change. It helps break the drab monotony a little.


amitbhatnagar said...

"Shouting distance" ??
Going by your reputation, shooting distance would be more appropriate for u.. :D
/* I can make this comment safely as I am no longer in shooting distance. :D */

Bhavya said...

Somebody made this shouting distance/shooting distance remark a couple of days back too... I can't seem to remember who that was...

Abhinav was trying to experiment with throwing something in your direction. Beware, you might still be within shooting distance :P