Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Be Right Back

Of late, I've acquired a reputation for writing an entry a day, and people start asking me if something is wrong when I don't write anything for a day. So I thought I'd tell everyone before they start asking me. Some things have not been quite right over the last few days. Punctured tyres, deflated, non-punctured tyres, a malfunctioning geyser (Those who know me well know how important it is for me to take a bath twice a day. They'll know how disruptive a malfunctioning geyser in my bathroom can be.), and to top everything off, connectivity issues at home on Tuesday evening. Over the past week, I'd been reading a book called Chowringhee (book review in the offing), which I resolved to finish on Monday night. I decided that I would refrain from blogging that night so that I may be able to finish it off. Given the time I reached home, the amount of time it normally takes me to eat and to take a bath, and given how much of the book was left, I estimated I'd finish the book by 12:30 AM. Managed to do it by 12:28. I wanted to write a review right then, but slumber land beckoned too strongly. I have decided not to take up another book for the rest of this week, in order to catch up on my blogging and sleep. Internet connection permitting, I should be back to my usual ways tonight.


actinium said...

tch tch...buk reading par bhi scheduler laga diya h!! :P

Bhavya said...

Har cheez pe scheduler laga rakha hai sir... office aana, gym jaana, khaana peena, blogging, bathing... uske bina kaam nahin chalta mera