Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mixed Bag

My mind is rather restless, and, quite often, it does not stick to a single thought. So here's today's mixed bag of thoughts.
  • I'm feeling really good about A. R. Rahman's three Oscar nominations. Two out of three in the Music (Song) category. That's quite something. I didn't quite think that Jai Ho would appeal so much to international tastes. I think O... Saya is one of Rahman's greatest tracks ever, comparable only to the likes of Vande Mataram. It has a totally awesome feel to it, and great music, but it has about three words in the name of lyrics. The lyrics of a song are generally a major factor for a song to appeal to me, but there are a few pieces that transcend this barrier, like the Rangeela theme, or the Jaage Hain number from Guru.
  • My electrician fixed my malfunctioning geyser, much to my joy. But he interchanged the little lights. Now the harmless looking green light signals danger and malfunction, while the scary, bright red light says that everything is normal.
  • One of the computers in my house was in dire need of an upgrade. Now this used to be the old, short computer, so it was called Yoda. All computers in my house are named after Star Wars characters, as is the network. Now since this one was significantly upgraded, it is no longer exactly the oldest computer in the house. It needed renaming. For the first time, I christened a computer. It's now called Artoo.

I'm off to Manali with some friends over the extended weekend, so this little journal will be on a little break. Catch you after the break.


actinium said...

ahem...apparently u r nt a vry big fan of Fanna from Yuva...n ya btw, d song does have lyrics!

Bhavya said...

I know it has lyrics... apparently two people have been credited for writing them... but somehow it doesn't really feel like it has lyrics

Neat Rat said...

Egad..! Call it R2-D2 please..!! I actually had to google to see who Artoo was..!! Artoo just does not fit.

Bhavya said...

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, I was informed by reliable sources that the name as originally intended by George Lucas is Artoo-Deetoo. I wanted to name the computer Artoo-Deetoo, but Artoo seemed to fit in a lot better... so it seemed to both of us, and so it shall remain.