Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Office Space

Too bad I did not watch Office Space when it was released ten years ago. And too bad I wasn't blogging when I did first watch it, five or six years ago. But I watched a bit of it again on TV last night and I felt like sharing my thoughts on it.

This movie is primarily about software engineers. It talks about their lack of satisfaction with their jobs, their reactions to lay-offs, their attempts at hacking, their attempts to figure out what they actually want from a job and from life. I would have liked to say that this is the kind of movie almost every software engineer will be able to relate to, but I will not say it affirmatively, since my opinions on such things have shown strong tendencies of clashing with other people's, especially in the recent past. But I will say that this is one movie that every one of us, who has ever, even for a brief while, felt that their job is not challenging or satisfying enough, or is monotonous, or has wanted to do something drastically different from their current work, should definitely watch. Check it out, even if it is out of nothing more than general curiosity.


Prats said...

Office Sapce... I have heard a lot about this movie, haven't seen it yet... now it comes from you as well. Will try to catch up on it...

by the way did you watch Slumdog Millionaire, nice movie and have you read the book?

Bhavya said...

nope... but those are definitely on my list