Tuesday, January 13, 2009


There are days when I feel restless for no apparent reason and can't really seem to concentrate on anything or get anything done. Today was one such day. Okay, so maybe there was an apparent reason, but I an unsure that it was in fact the reason and I am also a little scared of admitting it.

Anyway, it is days like these that make me feel a little miserable, lonely, sad... but today I thought I'd think happier thoughts. I'd think of all the stuff that makes me feel like I am in heaven. So here goes.

  • Mom's rajma chawal.
  • An A. R. Rahman composition playing on repeat. Even better if it is one that he has sung himself.
  • A rich, chocolaty dessert.
  • A warm blanket on a cold night.
  • Having time to sleep all I want.
  • Solitude. With just a little something to read and a notebook (dead tree or electronic) so that I can write.

So if you compare this list with an older one, you'll notice that a lot of things have more or less remained the same in these six months, but some have changed. I now love reading more than ever before, and I love spending time by myself rather than with friends. And, I still love it when people appreciate what I write, but the joy of writing itself is so great that it tremendously overshadows that of the writing being appreciated. I'm not sure if these changes are for the better or for the worse, but change is a way of life. Keeps things moving.


actinium said...

...but the joy of writing itself is so great that it tremendously overshadows that of the writing being appreciated...

ahem ahem

Bhavya said...

Obviously I knew you were going to put this down here. I just wanted to know exactly how you'd do that.

There seems to be something gravely wrong with me these days. I've begun to agree with stuff that you write, in these comment spaces or on e-mail.

actinium said...

i guess i ws pretty subtle :P

Anonymous said...

Actually, I found the first para more ahem-able.. :-)

Bhavya said...


Yes, for once you were pretty subtle and your comment was devoid of obfuscation (I love this word :D )


Actually what actinium found "ahem-able" was actually more so for him, not for you, because you don't know the context. Kisi normal insaan ko wohi lagna chahiye jo tumhe laga :P