Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Little Love, A Little Friendship, And A Little Misadventure

Before you begin on this one, revisit this post.

Given the background, since Ruchi was supposed to join her new job at my office on Monday, I kind of assumed that my car would end up with a punctured tyre or something that day. That didn't happen. It was pretty likely, given the history and the fact that there were a couple of bomb blasts in the vicinity of our office on the day of her interview. But here's what did happen.

My mom loves me and I love her. But she also dislikes me a little bit and I dislike her a little bit. This morning, she announced that since I was on vacation throughout her winter vacation, she didn't really get to rest too much, so she was taking the day off to relax. Go to work early, she told me, and come back late.

I didn't go to work early. And I left my office at the regular time. A nail found its way into one of my car's tyres. Well, no big deal, that's something you gets used to, when you start commuting such distances. But that was only the beginning. My friend Varun arose from his slumber and did what gentlemen do. He didn't let me help change the tyre at all. But once he was done, we saw that the new tyre was almost completely deflated. So we set out in search of a petrol pump to get some air blown into it. There we saw that this tyre's nozzle was so bent that you couldn't really blow air into it. Didn't leave us with much of a choice, did it? We got the punctured tube replaced. Really big rip that was, by the way. I need to brush up my timely puncture detection skills. I hope I'll be third time lucky here as well. And the guy changed the tyre again. it would have been so much easier on Varun (and on Ruchi, who has very low cold weather tolerance) if we'd just driven to the petrol pump in the first place and let the guy change all the tyres he wanted to change.

But hey, things never go the easy way for my friends and for me. We've started thinking of such incidents as a blessing from above. Now we look out for such things, and feel a little disoriented if things go well on the first try. We've actually begun to like it this way.

Anyway, about time to wind this up. Although Ruchi is not all that regular on my blog, but I will make sure she reads this post, so I'll wind up by wishing her all the very best for her future on this job and the rest of her career.


kavita said...

They say, adventure is hardship aesthetically considered :) thats what these little hardships are...

Bhavya said...

Interesting thought Kavita :)

Madhu said...

Hi Bhavya,

Good experience,

mom and u both love each other little bit. hummmmmm, nice