Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Little Bit More From Friends

When I wrote about My Favourite Bits From Friends, it was pretty obvious to me that I would add to the list soon.

There's this episode where Phoebe and Joey tell the others that they go out with dinner once a month to discuss the rest of them. Once Joey cancels on Phoebe in favour of a date. She gives him an enlightening discourse on how girlfriends and boyfriends come and go, but what they share is forever. I think that those are words to live by.

A little later, the then love of Phoebe's life, David the scientist guy, shows up in the city. Now Phoebe cannot cancel on Joey because she gave him this long lecture on how you do not cancel on friends. But she rushes through dinner with him and runs off to see David. Obviously Joey finds out. The way Joey consoles her, the way he acts so considerate, so understanding, always makes my eyes misty.

There is another episode where Phoebe claims that she has written five books (I think it was five. It could also have been four or six.) and that she is writing another. She records everything Monica and Chandler say or do, and she calls her characters Marsha and Chester. At one point, Monica and Chandler need to refer to her account to help them resolve an argument. Phoebe demands that Chandler apologize for mocking her book earlier. At this point, he is wearing a pinkish sweater. He apologises, and tells her that she is the queen of everything. She says, "Thanks. So are you."

It's interesting, you know. I have so many Phoebe-Joey moments on my list. And some Ross-Rachel moments. But I can't really think of a Monica-Chandler moment that really strikes a chord.

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Prats said...

Wow Monica and Chandler moments, well here are some-

1- When they go to adopt the baby. Erica refuses to let them have a baby because they are not Doctors or sth. Then the way chandler convince Erica. The whole sequence is just awesome.

2- When Phoebe forces Chandler to kiss him and he confesses that he loves Monica. Its one of the best moments of Monica and Chandler.

But again a lot of Monica Chandler moments get subdued due to Chandlers jokes.

My fav Ross-Rachel Moment would be when Ross is getting married to Emily and on the Altar and he speaks Rachels Name.