Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The People I Will Miss - Chapter Four

I did not write about two of the guys at work in the third chapter of this series. Never mind about the reasons. But somehow, it is more difficult to articulate my thoughts for these two guys than for the others. It is virtually impossible for me to say anything serious to either of them because neither of them can go for more than five seconds in conversation with me without pulling my leg really hard. Hence I chose not to even try doing that at lunch.

It's actually a very good thing when the somebody keeps the atmosphere light, keeps you and their own self laughing, even if it is at your expense, and keeps you from getting too serious. Especially so for people like me who tend to be overly serious and sentimental at times.

In Ashish's case, since I've had opportunities to discuss serious stuff with him, I also know that he is capable of conducting a serious conversation when the situation demands it. That he is capable of telling me that I am taking things too seriously, even without laughing things off. I haven't had that sort of opportunity with Hemant, though.

It's sometimes quite endearing, the way Ashish will first find a way to irritate me on purpose and then be seen scampering around for cover. The way he sometimes still teases me about the time I told him that Hemant is the better singer of the two. The way both of them make fun of songs I like. Of everything that is remotely connected to me.

It's beautiful, the way these two guys sing. The way they always make it a point to say 'Hi' or 'Good Morning' every day. In Hemant's case, he'll always deliver the greeting with a bright smile. I'm going to miss all of that.

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