Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Farewell: Chapter One

So the first in a series of farewell parties from my friends at the office happened last night at dinner with my regular lunch group friends. I went to this place called crazy noodles for the first time and saw just how crazy it was. I think everybody had a little too much to eat there. Chaya and I found it slightly difficult to walk after that.

People wanted me to sing my favourite bhajan for them. Bhatti later suggested that I should sing a non-bhajanable number so that it would be a challenge for the guys to clap to the tune and make it sound like a bhajan. Somehow the mood of the restaurant didn't feel quite right for me to sing.

Chaya needed to visit the Staples outlet at the Great India Place. I accompanied her there and hence visited the only Staples outlet I have actually seen in India for the first time. (For the uninitiated, my soon to be husband works with Staples. And no, I am not authorized to get Chaya or anybody else a discount on their merchandise.)

Oh, and yes, Bhavna and Neha took me shopping for a wedding gift. It was a nice experience, which washed away some of the sour aftertaste of a recent unpleasant jewellery shopping trip I made with my mom. We bought a lovely pendant, which apparently has a J and a B embedded into its design. Namrata was the first one to be able to see them. Certain people insisted on pointing out a Z (or N, depending on which way you look at it).

We wound up the evening with Bhavna's birthday cake. Her birthday is actually today, but last night was a good opportunity for all of us to celebrate together. We were all so full that we could barely look at the cake. Apparently there was something wrong with the cake, although Sandy maintained that it was perfectly fine, but it just had a little liquor in it.

Liquor or no liquor, no cake can match the sweetness of the bond we share with our friends, now, can it?

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