Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Farewell: Chapter Three

I actually wanted to go out with my friends from my University today. Apparently they had other plans. They wanted to make me believe that they didn't have time to go out for lunch and spring a surprise upon me on Tuesday evening. They didn't know I already had dinner plans for Tuesday. Yesterday, Varun called me around 3 o'clock in the afternoon to ask what time I wanted to go home. It did strike me as slightly odd that he was calling me that early in the afternoon to ask this question, but I think I had too many other things to worry about. So the plan for the surprise was spoilt. But well, it's obviously the thought that counts. And I was touched by the thought.

So we went out for a well planned evening outing today where we had another round of talking about stuff that we would miss about each other. I suddenly realized that I am also leaving behind friends like Ruchi, with whom I've been really close for nine years now. And Varun, who's been, among other things, my emotional stabilizer until I met Jatin. And Tulika, who's still a cute little girl who's always been like a little sister to me. And I know how much all these people are going to miss me. I was really touched by whatever they said about me. Even Neeraj's "Vaise to tu sahi hai, bilkul perfect hai, but thodi ajeeb hai."

Love you guys so much, Ruchi, Varun, Tulika, Neeraj... everybody. You guys have been really significant in making me the person that I am today. Will really miss you.

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