Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bhavna

I think I haven't written a birthday post in quite a while and will not be able to write another in quite a while either. But I certainly owe Bhavna such a post. Everybody who called her today to wish her asked her what she did last night and what she was going to do today. And she told everybody that she was partying at night and also during the day, but for a different reason. Amidst all the farewell stuff, she didn't really get to celebrate her birthday, except for the two cakes, about which it was not clear whether the cream was sour or if they contained liquor.

Bhavna was the first good friend I made in this office. Two days after she joined, it was my birthday. I remember, we were already pretty good friends by then. And two days before I leave, it's her birthday. And we are still good friends and intend to stay this way.

She's been a great source of emotional support for me. She has managed to retain her childlike innocence after all these years. And yes, she's one friend I can talk to about just about anything and trust completely. She's also been a great mentor, and sometimes, functionally, almost my boss at the workplace.

Will definitely miss you, dear. Stay in touch.


Bhavna said...

Sorry for the late reply :-)
aaj dubara pada :-)
n thanks for the lovely post made me feel special ....thanks for being such a wonderful friend :)

Bhavya said...

Thank you for always being there and for making even a person like me stay in touch :)