Saturday, April 11, 2009

Parting Words

Yesterday was the first of three big good byes that I have to say. It was my last day at work. I did not expect it to be this emotional. My school and College farewells were not even halfway there. And the transition from MCA to the job was so smooth, with the internship in the last semester and so many classmates around, that I didn't really notice the change too much. But this farewell was way too overwhelming. In the morning and afternoon, a number of my friends got a little too emotional and I was the one consoling them. I was all smiles and excitement. But after the formal team farewell, I don't really know what happened. I know when it happened, though. I was sitting in Ashish's cubicle, chatting with him, and he said something to the effect, "Kuch time tak to ajeeb lagega, but slowly we'll get used to it." It was then that I realised that it was the last time I was sitting in his cubicle, talking to him in such a leisurely way. I don't know why that realization was such a big thing. I don't know why that statement let loose a torrent of tears. I've gone over that one statement about a dozen times in my head since then and each time it's led to the same thing.

Almost all my friends sang for me that evening. I will cherish the memory of Hemant singing Ab Na Jaa, Ashish's Amber and Chalte Chalte, the Tujhe Dekha To duet with Anuranjan, Neha's Jab Koi Baat, Abhinav's Chaand Taare, Bhatti's Puraani Jeans, Balab's Zehreeley (totally awesome!), Namrata's Kabhi Alvida... I hope I didn't miss anybody out. It was great knowing that people like me and care for me so much and are going to miss me so much. It was pretty apparent from the thoughtful farewell gifts and the way everybody was talking about me leaving the company. Bhavna, Abhinav, Bhatti, Alok, Aman, Anuranjan, Neha, Chaya, Namrata, Sandy, Ashish, Hemant, Gauri, and of course Mohit: I'm going to miss all you people so much. Love you people. You were great folks to work with and be with. Keep in touch, people, and be there at my wedding!


actinium said...

so it was me who made you cry...
yesss...... :P

Bhavya said...

did I not make that clear on that very day?

and what's to be so happy about?