Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Little Love And A Little Friendship

I had a good day on Sunday. Met up with a couple of friends in the middle of all the running around from one end of the city to another. Spent some leisurely time catching up with them. Came back home and had a nice, long conversation with my two best friends in Melbourne. It reminded me that geographical distances between friends are hardly consequential. When people know each other and understand each other well enough, it doesn't even matter if you are out of touch for a while and then get back in touch one day. It doesn't matter if you are so far away that when you are eating lunch, they are eating dinner and when you are putting up with scorching heat, their winter is on the way.

It feels a little strange sometimes, when you look back at how quickly time passes. When my buas and mamas refer to me by my childhood nicknames, I kind of feel like the chubby five year old who used to play with her bua before the bua got married and whom the bua used to call Bhabchu. I remember dancing at her wedding at that age. I remember, a cousin bua danced at that wedding, wearing my mom's wedding lehenga. I found that lehenga as I was sorting out some stuff today. I think mine is about seventeen times as heavy.

It was slightly weird, getting up in the morning and not needing to go anywhere. Since the 14th of February, I have been running around so much and getting up at seven or eight every morning, including weekends and other off days. Yesterday was the first time since then that I did not set an alarm. And today was probably the last time I got to sleep at leisure, until the time I land in Boston. Even so, these three and a half days have just whooshed past me in such a hurry, with so much to do, that I haven't really had much time to realize exactly what is going on. There were so many things to do at home, yesterday and today. I don't think I will have time for that in the next two weeks either. In between, I try to steal some time to check my mail and update my blog.

So many changes, so much going on, so much excitement. And so much exhaustion. But so much to look forward to. Life is good.

Four days to go.


Akash said...

Just live this upcoming hectic schedule, U will refer it some time later as U r referring the old incidents.

BTW, seventeen times heavier, did U weigh that or what?

Bhavya said...

nahin, mujhe Bhatti ki yaad aayi to I just felt like using his favourite number :)