Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Musings For Today

I had almost forgotten what it's like to be able to relax. I had forgotten that one can take a nap in the afternoon. That one can sit down and chill in front of the TV in the evening. Call friends and catch up.

The last couple of months involved a lot of wedding stuff, plus the knowledge transfer and everything else at work. Even on my penultimate day at work, my boss insisted that I should submit my performance appraisal form.

Today's been a relatively slow day, but it takes just such a day to realize how sleep deprived I've been lately, and how much I was in need of such a day.

It's also been a day of getting calls and e-mails from people who cannot make it to the wedding. Slightly disappointing, but, hey, when you send out wedding cards, do you ever expect all you invitees to show up?

And then there is this childhood buddy of my brother's. He's been like another little brother to me. He's working in another city and was talking to his boss about taking time off from work. The boss was not too keen on giving him Monday off. He told his boss that he was going to attend his sister's wedding, which is on Sunday, so there is no way he could come back on Monday. Now rather than coming to Delhi and calling up the office on Monday morning to tell them that he wasn't coming, he'd obviously prefer that they grant him his day off peacefully. Poor boss had to give in.

There are some friends who mean just as much as your family means to you. In the last one week, I've re-realised that I have an amazing bunch of such friends. Which is why leaving my workplace was no less emotional a time than leaving my home on the wedding day will be.

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