Sunday, June 22, 2008

Twelve Days Of Self Imposed Restraint

My twelve days off from blogging went rather badly... I never realised until now that I'd been deriving such a huge amount of pleasure from this activity! I'm not too sure why I imposed this on myself, or what I was trying to prove here, but, like just about everything else that goes on in my mind, this was a random thought that occured to me and I felt the need to do this. It made me feel pretty restless, really. Restless enough to make me write eight posts in one go over a weekend when I was feeling particularly sleep deprived. I noticed that a lot of these posts were much longer than my usual ones. I also wrote three testimonials for my friends on orkut this weekend. I never knew I still had such a compelling desire to write. To express myself, even when there wasn't too much to express. And to make people read the random expressions. It gives me any amount of joy to see my friends commenting on my blog. There are a few friends of mine who never or hardly ever post comments, but they've told me that they follow my posts regularly. They notice when I don't write anything for four or five days. That makes me feel good. A certain friend of mine told me that he and two other friends of ours were talking about how they no longer understand my morning quotes or my blog posts. These three supposedly went through some of my blog posts without any amount of seriousness, just having fun. Hearing this, interestingly, also made me feel good in a strange sort of way. Because I actually never expected any of these three guys to appreciate any of the stuff I write. I was just happy to know that they tried to read it, and even discuss it :D

Keep the comments and the criticism coming folks. Whether you like it or hate it, I love doing this!!!

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Akash Agrawal said...

Finally, U surpassed me...