Sunday, February 8, 2009


Some words I felt like putting down, from some songs that I like.

Bichad ke bhi mujhse judaa tu nahin
Khafaa hai magar bewafaa tu nahin
Mere haath mein hi tera haath hai
Mere paas hai... tu mere paas hai
Mere saath hai

Touching words. They express the feelings of a lover who has lost his loved one but has never lost hope. In his heart, he knows that he will definitely find his lost love again, because their love is true.

Tumhi se hain meri neendein
Na bhi ho to kya
Tumhi se hain meri baatein
Na bhi ho to kya

I don't want to add anything to this.

Shaam ka aanchal odh ke aayee
Dekho woh raat suhani
Aa likh dein hum dono milke
Apni ye prem kahaani

This is a very special song for me. I've heard it being performed by people I know on various occasions, like my immediate seniors' Graduation Dinner in College, and the farewell we hosted for our outgoing batch when we were in our first year of MCA. My friend who was supposed to perform at the farewell kept forgetting the words and kept asking me to remind him every time he caught me backstage.


Razigan said...

hmmmmmmmm...... these are really touching.. lovables for ever.....

Anonymous said...

Yup.. "Pal..." is one of the most touching songs that I have heard.. Brings back memories of last days of final year.. in particular, last day of our cultural fest, when this was played as a final yr special song..

BTW, the other 2 songs r gud too.. "Ab na jaa" is sth that I hav started listening to quite recently.