Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Filing Away My Stuff

I'm a rather strange sort of creature. (That is probably one of the sentences I use most often.) If I am organised, I am hyper-organised. If I am not, I am completely haphazard.

So I realised a few weeks ago that this blog needs a bit of organising. I wonder why I never used labels on any of my posts. For a few weeks, I've been thinking that I need to do just that and I've been postponing it. Not any more. I just started out, and I've covered the posts till September. I'll hopefully be done with the rest of them by the weekend. A book I meant to finish today is lying by my side, neglected. Because I have my "blog days." When all my attention is taken up by my blog. To counter these, I also observe "no-blog days" when I either turn off my laptop and put it aside, or, better still, leave it in the office. These are the days I use to catch up on my reading and sleeping. I'll need a lot of days of that sort to counter this one!

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