Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rahman At The Academy Awards: My Two Cents

In case you wanted to ask why I didn't write anything last night, I was watching the repeat telecast of the Academy Awards until about one in the morning and then I felt the need to take a bath and go to sleep.

Obviously I already knew the outcome, but I still wanted to see Rahman perform at the Kodak Theatre and I wanted to hear his acceptance speech. I was actually rooting for O... Saya and was a little disappointed when the award went to Jai Ho. I mean, it's a nice song, but it's very regular Rahman stuff. Not like Maa Tujhe Salaam or something. But watching the ceremony was pretty interesting. The Star Movies Red Carpet Special had a very adorable bit with the kids from the cast of Slumdog Millionaire. When asked if he had anything to say to his friends back home, he said that they were going to win and that his friends should bet on it and give him fifty percent of their winnings. It was quite cute.

In Rahman's first acceptance speech, he acknowledged his mother's blessings with the much too famous "Mere paas maa hai" line. It was a little amusing but quite sweet. And Rahman performed O... Saya, followed by the other guy performing Down To Earth, followed by Rahman performing Jai Ho, followed by an interleaved performance with Down To Earth and Jai Ho being sung simultaneously. Seeing Rahman perform on that stage made Jai Ho sound better than ever before, and in spite of knowing the result beforehand, I had happy tears in my eyes when he went to accept his second Academy Award.

When Danny Boyle was walking down the Red Carpet and was asked if he had a message for all those in India who were watching, he let out an enthusiastic "Jai Ho!" That's the anthem for the moment. Jai Ho!

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