Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Believing In Myself

Since the time I wrote the post on Strength, I've been doing a bit of self-analysis. I'm a slightly strange creature. In terms of professional achievements and taking my career in the direction in which I want to take it, I tend to believe pretty strongly in myself. I tend to have a large amount of faith in my abilities, though I may not always say so in front of my colleagues. But when it comes to developing and maintaining friendships and other such interpersonal relationships, I'm pretty insecure. I tend to have a hard time making myself believe that someone else would genuinely like me for the person that I am. I don't find it easy to believe that somebody would actually want to be friends with me, without any hidden motives. I thought about it quite a bit. As it happens, I've had quite a few fall-outs with friends. I have a lot of really good friends, but I don't think there is anyone among all those people to whom I am more important than any of their other friends.

Okay, enough with the negativity. I do know, however, that I have a whole lot of friends who have always been there for me, even when they haven't physically been there. Who will always be there across the miles. Who may or may not value my friendship as much as I value theirs, but who do value it a lot. And that means a lot to me.

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