Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Song Of The Week: A Rediscovery

Ever since I heard Tune Jo Na Kaha, I have come to like Mohit Chauhan's voice more than ever before. So I was digging out some of his older works, like Boondain and Guncha, when I ran into Ek Meetha Marz from Welcome To Sajjanpur. I actually never had the opportunity to watch this movie properly until quite recently. This song beautifully tells the whole story of the letter writer's life, his heart's desires, his hopes and his dreams. He is flirting with a married woman, but there is a certain innocence, an endearing quality to the whole episode. And the song tells it all. Tells it like it is. It's beautiful.


Kavita said...

Maine dono hi gaane nahi sune the... ab sunungi :)

Shanky said...

Melody has no replacement .... The great Dabbo Dabas realizes it yet again. :)

Bhavya said...

Kavita: You did not hear Tune Jo Na Kaha? You definitely should!

Shanky: :)