Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Why do we find it so difficult to accept people who are a little different from our own selves? Why do a lot of straight people not try to understand that gay people are just as normal as they are? Why do Hindus think that Muslims are after their lives and vice versa? Or Indians and Pakistanis, for that matter. People find it difficult to accept a marriage between two people from different cultural backgrounds. And that's not just in India.

My husband was telling me about the few Pakistanis he has come across during his stay here in the States. He's been on friendly terms with them, as have his other Indian friends. He also visited Pakistan for a short while, and he didn't make any friends there. The same people who would not talk cordially if they met in India or in Pakistan, become friends when they meet here. Is there actually that big a difference between the people themselves, or is it just about opening your minds a little?

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