Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just An Afterthought

Just to add to this post a little.

I've seen a whole bunch of movies where a heroine, or, much less frequently, a hero who is about to get married suddenly has this realization that she or he is getting into the wrong deal and escapes from the wedding venue in search of true love. Or in search of a more independent life. I used to find that kind of thing rather exciting, rather romantic. Now I can't help mulling over the amount of money that would go to waste in such an event. After experiencing first hand how much it costs to host a wedding, I can't help thinking about the kind of financial setback the bride's parents or the couple themselves (in the Hollywood movies) would face for nothing. I mean, hey, why can't you figure out your love life and career before you book a venue for your wedding?

I guess that kind of excitement and drama is ruined for me now. Oh well, I'd seen too much of it anyway.

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