Friday, September 4, 2009

Changing Seasons

In this part of the world, the leaves have begun to change colour and the temperature has been hovering around fifty in the mornings. That's about ten on the Celsius scale. Last week, I told my brother that things were getting chilly, and he remarked, "But it's only August!"

Apparently, Labor Day marks the official end of summer. That means that summer is officially just about gone. The weather is beginning to behave like it does in early November in Delhi, with chilly mornings and evenings and pleasant days, a beautiful time to go out on weekends but a time when you start wishing that you didn't have to get out of bed and go to work so early in the morning. A time when I keep telling myself to drink warm milk in the morning, but end up drinking it cold most days anyway. A time when I would need a light jacket or sweatshirt when coming back from the gym in the morning. Well, right now, I have the option of going to the gym later in the day.

Of course, I knew that winter here was going to be very different from winter in Delhi. I just didn't know winter would drop by this early in the year! Anyway, I'm looking forward to making snowmen right outside my house!

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