Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things That Have Changed, And Ones That Haven't

A lot has changed since I got married and moved, but a lot is still the same. Here's some of that stuff.

Stuff that has changed:

  • I now believe in the institution of marriage. I believe in arranged marriage, and in falling in love after getting married.
  • I am much happier now. Probably this is in part because I am not under work-related stress and am getting enough sleep.
  • I cook!
  • I no longer wash my clothes myself. I toss everything in the washer, and then into the dryer.
  • I have switched to brown rice.
  • I am more open to trying new things to eat. But I am more cautious about the nutritional content of stuff that I eat.
  • My favourite flavour for dessert and other sweet things (mildly sweet things that do not necessarily qualify as dessert - like oatmeal and breakfast cereal) has changed from chocolate to cinnamon. Chocolate is still a close second, though. Mint chocolate has established itself as a much-loved variation. I eat chocolate and cookies and such things a lot less frequently.

Things that are pretty much the same:

  • I can still not complete three sentences of spoken English without switching over to Hindi in between, or pausing noticeably to think and prevent myself from doing so.
  • I still love rajma. And watermelons.
  • I still love writing. And reading.
  • I still love Hindi music and try to keep up with whatever is the latest in Bollywood. I try to catch as many of the movies as I can as well.
  • My favourite post on my blog is still this one.
  • My favourite movie is still, yes, you know it!
  • My favourite TV show is still Friends. The Big Bang Theory comes a close second, followed by Beverly Hills, 90210.
  • I still go to the gym five days a week and take weekends off.
  • I still eat Indian food at least six days a week, on average. Only now, I cook most of it myself.


Akash said...

So can I assume that next time you visit India, I won't be asked for HCF but something with cinnamon. :P

Bhavya said...

I did say chocolate is still a close second. but yes, probably not HCF