Monday, July 27, 2009


This morning, I was telling my brother that I made pasta over the weekend. He refuses to believe that I've been cooking independently, without any help from my husband. He says that he finds it very hard to believe that the girl who would forget to put the whistle on the pressure cooker (that happened only once, a couple of years ago) and let the boiling milk boil all over the kitchen (that happened multiple times. The most recent occurrence was a few years ago.) can cook an entire meal for two people by herself. Well, I can, and all disbelievers are welcome to visit me and verify it for themselves.

Life changes. And life changes people. Just a few months, I was living my life for myself. Not any more. I like doing things for my husband, down to the little things like folding his laundry. It gives me a nice feeling. And it's wonderful, the way he vocally appreciates every little thing I do for him. That's what being married is all about, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Bhavya, u r a gr8 ambassador for the institution of marriage.. Maybe shortly guys may contact u for being a brand-ambassador.. :)

Seriously, it's lovely to read abt the simple little things that u mention in ur posts.. Keep'em coming.. :)

Bhavya said...

Thanks a lot buddy :)