Friday, July 24, 2009

Interesting People

I've noticed some people around me who seem to have an amazing amount of willpower and set a brilliant example for the rest of us. For example, there's this Chinese lady whom I see in the gym every couple of days. She is old and cannot walk without a walking stick. And yet she spends twenty minutes or so on the treadmill, and also spends some time lifting weights. I admire her courage and her persistence. There are other people who are really old, and often living by themselves, having lost their spouses to death or divorce, and do everything for themselves, from grocery shopping to maintaining their houses. Of course, nobody lives with their kids here, but there are places where old people can live under special care. There is this balding gentleman whose hair has completely turned white and who is significantly overweight. He spends a lot of time jogging every day.

There are things that are wrong with the culture in this country, like the fact that kids hardly ever do anything for their parents in their old age. But I like looking at and thinking about the good things - how strong willed and independent these people are, even at seventy five or so. It's wonderful to see such people.

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shanky said...

Well said !!! Every country and culture evolves itself and in the process come in some goods and some bads. As for the country being talked about here, care, independence and will-power might just all be part of it.