Monday, July 20, 2009

In My Element

I love going to the gym when there's nobody else there. This afternoon was one such afternoon. I was all alone, listening to Ajj Din Chadeya (from Love Aaj Kal) and singing along in bits, whenever I was able to catch my breath enough to do so. I managed to dance around a little to the foot tapping tune of Chor Bazaari (same movie) as well. I know, I can do all that at home too, why do I need to go to the gym if I won't do that kind of thing if there were any people around? Well, it puts me into a better frame of mind for exercising. I feel good, and then I exercise better. I've seen my cycling speed vary directly with the beats of the song that I'm listening to. I think that happens to just about everyone. If you're listening to an item number, you'll work out with more energy. If you're listening to something soft, you'll do it in a more leisurely way. I wanted to transfer only the foot tapping stuff to my iPod, but some songs are just so beautiful that they have to go with me wherever I go. These are the ones I used to listen to at night when I couldn't fall asleep, and also in my car when I was driving alone and was on the verge of falling asleep and needed to prevent that somehow. These are the ones that still give me a high when the randomising algorithm on the player chooses to play them, even if it means giving in to a more relaxed workout.

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Kavita said...

My energy quotient at workplace is directly proportional to the energy level of songs that I hear that morning on my iPod on the way to work!! :)