Monday, October 19, 2009

The Secret Dreamworld Of A Shopaholic

This was the last of the dozen or so books that I picked up in India right before my wedding. This is a book by Sophie Kinsella, and it's known as Confessions Of A Shopaholic here in the States, and has been made into a Hollywood movie by the same name.

The protagonist of the story, Rebecca, starts out as a character who loves shopping and has accumulated a lot of credit card debt. She lives in a state of denial after her attempts to cut back expenses and to make more money all fail. Basically, she is a character one would find easy to relate to.

But as the story proceeds, the storyline doesn't seem to have enough meat in it to hold a reader's rapt attention. When I started out with this one, I thought I'd find it hard to put down and finish it in three or four days. But it took me about twice as long. The sequence of events is unimpressive and sometimes just plain weird. The other characters in the story are not quite as easy to relate to. Luke Brandon, in particular, was, again, just plain weird.

I read this book as part of my attempts to understand what makes a New York Times bestseller. Honestly, it's left me a little confused.


Shanky said...

WELL!!! I went and happened to watch the movie corresponding to this book. I just say they have indeed made it pretty interesting. I just can not forget the scene in the elevator when Dereck Smeeth catched the protogonist, and neither can I forget the wedding scene where the lady comes over after selling everything she had collected.
My best guess to what makes a bestseller is probably "Whatever people are able to relate to, whatever they feel is an issue with themselves too, when presented in a simple, humorous and interestsing way is appreciated."

Bhavya said...

This wedding scene that you speak of was not in the book. it must have been added for the movie. and I guess you're right in your analysis of bestsellers, that's what I started out with, but like I said, I found this character very difficult to relate to. Maybe the movie was different