Thursday, October 8, 2009

Q & A

People told me that the book was better than the movie. Well, it was.

It is a gripping narrative of the life of an orphan, filled with stories of fighting for survival. To the extreme. I'll quote myself saying a few things about the movie which also hold true for the book.

I like stories where one has to connect the dots in order to fully grasp the plot. Although I don't like ones with overly complicated plots where one has to watch with constant rapt attention in order to figure out whatever is going on. This one was just right.

But the book is so much more than that. It is not the glamorised, romanticised rags-to-riches story that the movie makers chose to adapt it into. It was a story of struggle. The struggle to live. The struggle that an orphan has to go through for his dignity. And the indignity that he has to come to terms with.

The author's portrayal of the whole thing, albeit a little extreme and dotted with a few stereotypical characters, is written in a way that makes you feel for the characters, want to know what happens to them next, relate to them. It makes you want to keep turning the pages and not put it down at any point in the story. I'd rate this one at about nine on ten, and strongly recommend that you read it if you haven't read it already.


Prats said...

I simply loved that book. Found the movie to be very very trashy. They completely ignored the facets of his sister and then the reason for him to be on the show.

Bhavya said...

That's what I said... they made it into a more glamourised, romanticised story than it was meant to be