Monday, October 12, 2009

Random Musings On Wake Up Sid

  • For starters, I am a little bored with Bollywood romances and I like movies about friendship and/or trying to find one's own place in society, one's own identity. That's one where where this movie appealed to me. I liked the way the friendship between the two lead characters was handled in the movie.
  • I liked the fact that all of the characters were the kind that you can relate to, see a piece of yourself in them, and see a piece of them in yourself, even though most were rather stereotypical, the ones often found in Hindi movies. Or, more specifically, Karan Johar productions. I mean, Konkona's character would have been a little easier to relate to if she didn't land the first job that she interviewed for, the one she desperately wanted, but ended up with a vaguely similar job after a bit of struggle, and eventually grew to like that job and to do it well. But even so, she was a character I really liked and wanted to get to know. The same goes for Ranbir's friends from college, Laxmi, Rishi, and even Debbie, who wasn't exactly a friend. And his parents, and Rahul Khanna, who played the magazine editor.
  • I really loved the scene where Ranbir conjured up a "birthday cake" for Konkona's birthday in under ten minutes, out of bread and jam. That was just so touching and had a good feel to it. I know it's not a proposal or a romantic scene, but it belongs in this list.
  • Speaking of romance, the only significant disappointment I met with was the way the story ended. I was hoping there wouldn't be any romance and I would go home with a memory of the best and, possibly, only portrayal of a completely platonic friendship between two single, straight people of opposite genders. But that's where they chose to disappoint. Well, good thing that they saved it for the last two or three minutes so I could properly enjoy the first 135 minutes.

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