Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First Experiences With The In-Laws

I knew I had only about five days to spend at my in-laws' place before taking off for Udaipur and then, for Boston. But I am happy to say that those few days passed quite happily. I have a really affectionate mom-in-law. She actually made it a point on the wedding day to ask my cousin sister what I liked to eat for breakfast and lunch, and then make sure I got to eat stuff that I liked. Both parents were very sweet to me and let us lead our own life, and make our own decisions on where we wanted to go and whom we didn't want to visit. It was my father-in-law who suggested that we should take a trip away from Delhi over the weekend. I think that was really nice and thoughtful of him, considering the fact that their son was in the country only for a few days and that that was the only time they could spend with him. In the few days I spent with them in the house, I never really felt like an outsider in the family. The transition was quite seamlessly smooth for me. And to add to that, the paperwork for registering the marriage and that for the visa also went pretty smoothly. A happy beginning to a new life.

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