Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back To The Gym

Today I went to the gym after what, I realised, was a period of almost three months. I'd not been going since about the time my wedding was fixed. On my last day at work, I wanted to go for just a couple of minutes to say my farewell to the gym that had helped me knock six inches off my waist. (I never measured my weight. I know the tape measure because I had to buy smaller jeans.) But somehow I never got the opportunity to do that. I guess I was busier saying my goodbyes to the people who'd made my stay in the company memorable.

After I moved to Boston with my husband, I found that the weather out here is pleasant and the air is clean and the surroundings are green. So none of the reasons I had for not going for a walk in the park in Delhi held true. I preferred taking a walk in the courtyard, in the fresh air, rather than working out in a cramped gym. Although the gym in our apartment complex is a lot larger than the one I used to go to in my office, it still doesn't match up to the green trees and fresh air, now, does it?

But today was a little rainy and windy, which would also imply that it was rather chilly for a creature just out of Delhi. And I do need some sort of physical exercise. So I hit the gym today. The equipment here is a lot more complicated and fancy (the treadmills are fitted with TV monitors) and the place is a lot bigger and neatly organized. And, since I have the option, I went at a time when there were very few people. So I liked it a lot. I realise that I need to get back to my routine in a couple of weeks, because I couldn't work out with the same kind of intensity today. But that does happen when you take a break that long, doesn't it? Well, from here on in, I'm going to be regular. And those who know me know that I mean it.


amitbhatnagar said...

So gym phir se shuru??
Dekhte hain kitte din chalta hai.. :-)

Bhavya said...

Bhatti tum aise nazar mat lagaya karo apni!

cornucopia_of_gobbledygook said...

arre.. am sure u'l be the same old u and continue gymming for a loooong time.. :-)
happy gymming..

Bhavya said...

Thanks babes :)