Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Aside from the stuff I've been talking about in the last few posts, there are some major changes that I've seen after moving to Boston suburbs.

There's no public transport in this part of the country. Everyone has their own car, and couples like us have two of them. I need to get my Massachusetts license made soon, so I can drive about on my own. There's a Walmart that's about a five minutes walk from where we live, but people still drive from our apartment complex to that place, as does my husband.

My husband took me to his office to show me around. It was about nine in the evening, and the office was deserted, save for the housekeeping staff doing the vacuuming. If I ever needed to stay at my workplace, there were quite a few souls in sight at nine or even ten. Also, their work area has a pretty dull color scheme (which would appear all the duller to someone like me who is used to orange, green and yellow cubicle separators!) and the cubicle separators are about six feet high. I can't imagine what it would have been like if the ones in my office had been like that. I mean, you can work in peace, but hey, I never wanted to work in peace! I wanted some amount of interaction with my neighbours. I wanted to see Bhatti's weird expressions every time I got up from my chair, and Anuranjan's lost looks whenever I was in Bhavna's cubicle and happened to look at him.

All the shops and restaurants here are pretty big and well organised. There are just so many things to buy, but in every retail outlet there's a place for everything and everything is in its place. You can find exactly what you need. You'll barely find a store that sells only one kind of item, like a store that sells just stationery or just medicines or just fruits and vegetables or just books.

Life has changed in many ways. It seems it's all for the better. Life is good.


Akash said...

At Adobe, you can see people working, playing or watching movies round the clock...

amitbhatnagar said...

Yup.. Even I don't like those 6-feet high separators..Saw them at Microsoft, Hyd once..
The height at our office is just perfect, giving the right mix of independence and interference. :-)

Bhavya said...

Yup. I never saw the ones at MS but I did hear of them from a friend who works there and I found it rather odd.

and of course the height at my former office is just right, because it lets me see the things I mentioned in the post :)