Monday, August 10, 2009


This time, when I was in New York, I met an old friend of mine from college. Kavita and I used to live at about a fifteen minute walk from each other's place. We have travelled together in DTC buses, hopping on and off the buses, waiting for indiscriminately long durations, just so we could use our bus pass, instead of taking a blue line bus where we'd need to buy a ticket.

And one fine day, I found myself taking a six lane interstate highway in a foreign land (with a very impressive highway system, by the way). It's definitely been a long journey. A journey that has seen us through different phases of life - post graduate degrees, jobs, marriage. Well, in my case. Kavita is soon to be married as well. I've gone from hopping on DTC buses to the Delhi metro to using the office bus (during my internship) to chartered buses to buying my own car to this. I've driven a Chevrolet and our Toyota Corolla, after my beloved Hyundai Santro.

Life changes so fast sometimes. So unexpectedly. Can you ever tell what's going to happen next?


cornucopia_of_gobbledygook said...

oooo.. u reminded me of my college days where i've waited for a DTC bus for like an hour just so that I could use the "pass".. :-)

Kavita said...

It was very nice seeing you after all this while :) And I am happy I met Jatin and his family!

Bhavya said...

yup... this was the first time that one of my friends met the entire family and had my mummyji ke haath ka khaana :)

was good

shanky said...

Having known you as much and for as long as I did, this one definitely triggered a bunch of mixed feelings.
I amn't sure if I remember every bit, but definitely looking back at my impressions of you, life does go a long way.
But I am just not capable enough to meet you, in any of the firelds/tasks, so be it life too.