Monday, August 17, 2009

Quacking Away!

So the city of Boston has a little tourist attraction called a Duck Tour. This is a little city tour that takes you on the roads for an hour or so, and then on a ride on the Charles river for another half an hour. They use an amphibious vehicle which was originally designed during the second World War. You can click on the link and read more on the history in case you are interested.

Now the person who conducts the tour is called a ConDUCKtor. Ours was this really jovial guy who called himself Major Scoop. He said he wanted to be a news reporter but people who hire you for those jobs care for things like college degrees, and this one was different.

He told us to greet people on the road by quacking. He also introduced the concept of a "no-quacking zone" where we quacked silently, using hand actions. It was so much fun!

The tour was about three Fs - Freedom, Firsts and Fun. He showed us sites of importance during the freedom struggle, such as the place where the tea party was planned. He told us about the stuff that first happened in Boston - the first chocolate factory, the first telephone and so on. It was nothing like anything I've ever done before. If you are anywhere around Boston at any time, you should definitely try this out.

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