Monday, June 15, 2009

A Lazy Sunday

It's a little weird if you call your family in India and they tell you that they just ordered pizza for dinner and you are eating pav bhaji and masala nimbu paani for lunch in the United States. But that is what actually happened. We spent a lazy afternoon eating and watching our wedding videos at home. I think this was the first day in the States when Jatin did not step outside the house at all for the whole day. Watching all those videos was like reliving those three days of back to back ceremonies, and also the one day of the roka ceremony. It felt good.

And well, guess what? I finally cooked my favourite dish! I made some rajma chawal for us. We had dinner in front of our TV with Aloo Chaat playing on the DVD player. This is the first Hindi movie Jatin has seen in a long while. It's also the first movie we watched together. It was a light movie with a cheerful, happy feel. Both of us liked it.

On Friday, Jatin was looking around for litchis in a bunch of grocery stores because
some friends wanted me to have some. Apparently those are not too easily available in the States. My mamaji, who has lived in about seven or eight different states over twenty six years also says that they are pretty rare. But we did find some litchi juice at an Indian store. This is a new Indian store we explored, and it's larger than our regular one and offers better prices. By now, Jatin is familiar with that fact that, like most Delhi girls, I have random urges for chaat paapdi and golgappe and stuff like that, and we brought back chutneys and other such things as well. You do get bhel puri and paapdi and golgappe at these stores, so there's not much to miss about India.

It feels like home here. It feels like my own place. It feels great when I do something in my own kitchen. When I watch TV in my own living room. When I go to bed in my own bedroom. Feels just right.


actinium said...

"When I go to bed in my own bathroom. Feels just right"
now that surely doesn't feel right!

Bhavya said...

Oops! Ridiculous typo :P
Fixed it

actinium said...

oh...aisa tha kya?! mujhe toh laga ki it just might be d case! after all aapko sone se pehle nahane ki bimari jo d weird placement does makes this activity nifty :D

Bhavya said...

yahaan pe sone se pehle nahaane ki aadat choot si gayi hai... na to yahaan pe garmi lagti hai, u don't sweat all that much, n there isn't too much dust either. so u don't really need to take a bath twice a day. plus, when I'm at home, I tend to bathe in the afternoon instead of in the morning