Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodbye, Dr. Wilson

Yesterday, Dr. Anil Wilson, who used to be my college Principal when I was doing my undergraduate studies, succumbed to pancreatic cancer.

This is the first time I am writing an obituary on my blog. Dr. Wilson was a significant influence in the lives of all those who walked the halls of St. Stephen's College during his tenure. In first year of College, it was mandatory for us to attend morning assembly and listen to him address us four mornings a week. When he was there, morning assembly was never boring. He educated us on a variety of subjects, ranging from the dignity and decorum of the College to caring for your parents and family. He gave us that sense of belonging, the feeling that we'd inherited a now 128-year-old heritage from all those who'd been part of that educational institution and given it the position and prestige that it now holds. He made us feel at home. He may not have known all of us by name, but he could recognize all the students of College even after five years of their graduation. He would tell us little anecdotes about how he kept running into Stephanians everywhere he went and how nice it felt when they recognized him. He would tell us little stories from the Bible which gave us values to live by. Since I was not an English student, I was never fortunate enough to sit in his class. But the morning assemblies constituted a far more important class, with far more valuable lessons.

Even while going, he donated his body for medical research. I think that's just one more little thing that he gave the world.

As I pray for his soul to rest in peace, I am sure thousands of Stephanians across the globe are with me.

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Kavita said...

When I think of him, I visualise his very bright smile. I know not many students were big fans of the morning assembly... the attendance would keep getting lower every year, but for all of us who loved being a part of it, I know Dr. Wilson would remain as a teacher and a mentor, who shared his experiences, stories and values with us, and in his own way, left a part of himself with us...