Monday, July 21, 2008

Changes Revisited

A little while ago, a friend of mine and a fellow blogger pointed out to me that that most of my blog posts are pretty long. I didn't quite believe her until she pointed out that they were so, at least in comparison to her blog posts. This is the same me, writing these long-winded posts on my blog, who was once complimented by her English teacher in school for being the person to write the least and to score the most among all her classmates in her pre-board examination. The same person who could barely manage to write a twenty-word answer for a question with a forty-word limit. The same person who, for the above mentioned reason, always finished exam papers in half the allotted time. (Incidentally, I also always finished my Mathematics papers in half the allotted time, but that was for other reasons.)

In recent times, a number of my colleagues have told me that I'm quite outgoing and chattery (I know there's no such word, but you get the idea.). This is the same person who, in school, could not muster the courage to speak to a school mate or a teacher whom she did not know. The same person who was told by one of her teachers that she was a good candidate for the Head Girl of the school, but was not appointed because she was not outgoing enough. When this same girl, who had to settle for Deputy Head Girl, describes herself as shy in her blogger profile, her team mates stare at her with the most incredulous expressions on their faces. The same girl who used to think a zillion times before calling a classmate she wasn't too friendly with, spent her fourth and fifth semesters of post graduation calling up Human Resources personnel in all kinds of places for Tech Fest sponsorships and then for placements.

Times change. People change. I've changed a lot in the last eight years. Well, I think we are all ever-changing. But I've noticed changes in myself more prominently over these years after finishing school. There are lots more I can talk about here, but that requires me to think and I'm not in a mood to do that right now. I'm not sure which changes are for the better and which are for the worse. But you know, that's the law of Nature. That's the beauty of life. It's so completely dynamic. So unpredictable sometimes. Sometimes a small incident dramatically changes the way we look at things. Sometimes one evening changes our lives forever. But those are the incidents I look forward to. Those are the evenings I live for. Because change is what life is all about.


Anonymous said...

So true!!
I too can see many, many changes in myself in last eight years or so. Most are ones that I am happy about, but for some, I still would like to go back to my own self.. :-|
(Will form the topic of a post when I return to blogging)

Bhavya said...

<< (Will form the topic of a post when I return to blogging) >>

Will look forward to that!