Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tourist Season

Birds fly south for the winter. Bhatti flies north for the winter.

I mean, this is really not the time that someone would normally want to be touring Boston. Yesterday's high was 27 F (that's -3 C) and that's a fairly accurate representation of the weather patterns over the last few weeks. And we were out touring Boston and Cambridge in the lovely weather. We happened to go down to the banks of the Charles river and saw that even the river was frozen over. I mean, I know lakes and ponds do that, and I've been looking at them the last few days. They have a layer of ice all over them and snow accumulation on top of the ice. So you can't exactly tell that there's water underneath instead of land unless you've seen it in the summer. But I thought the river would be different because it flows. Not really, as it turns out.

Anyway, too much rambling about the weather. It was fun to see an old friend after a long while. It was fun to see bits and pieces of the city I haven't seen before. I'm hoping he will write a post on his own blog about his adventures and misadventures here in the Boston area some time in the near future.


Shanky said...

I will share a little different observation that I made in China here. Ms. Dabbo Dabas has indeed learnt Science well to say there is Water beneath. Even believed the same till this had happened. China was mcuh colder than -3 C, it was more like -15 C. Out there the River was frozen, and we walked on the bridges that were built for tourists to go around. From top of one bridge, I saw there were dead fishes at the bottom of the ice. The guide told us that this is usual and happens because near the shore, water isn;t deep enough to stay at 4 C, the chill freezes it completely and some fishes hence die. Moral of the story, it is possible there won't be water beneath a frozen lake/river, that depends on the depth and how cold it is.

Bhavya said...

Science does tell me that there is water beneath, but we did actually see the water in some parts where the ice was broken. Also, my -3 is the high, the low is around -10 here too, but the river is very deep in the area.

amitbhatnagar said...

Hey! My NYC-Boston trip wasn't a tourist trip! I was there to meet my sisters n friends.. Tourism was strictly a side-activity.. :-) But yup, I really enjoyed last 10 days.. (And i believe the snow made both the places even better! :) )