Thursday, December 24, 2009

Song of The Week

I just happened to hear Akela Dil from Dulha Mil Gaya. The name of the movie suggested to me that this would be the kind of movie I would neither want to watch nor listen to the songs of. For the most part, the soundtrack lives up to my expectations. But this Adnan Sami number is just great. Makes me want to get up from my chair and dance. And the lyrics are quite cool and kind of amusing. What is the first line, anyway? I thought (still think) it was "Akela dil all nice happy" but all my online searches for the lyrics come up with "Akela dil online savvy." It does kind of sound like that too, but my version, seems to make slightly more, albeit not perfect, sense.

Anyway, I liked the line that says, "kisi ke dil mein kyon rahein ghar apna chod ke." Rather cute. A nice, peppy number in an otherwise mostly boring and forgettable album.


flinty said...

Hey Bhavya, came across your profile while googling for a bunch of things. Thanks for the recommendation on the track. Just heard it on youtube, quite catchy and even the lyrics are probably apt for the theme of the movie. About the first line its strange, it sounds like akela dil on life's highway.

Bhavya said...

well, actually, that makes a little more sense than either of the two versions I mentioned in my post