Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Simpler Things in Life

After being addicted to e-mail, cell phones, blogger and the like for years, I have been trying to teach myself to take it easy and slow down. I barely check e-mail on weekends and in the evening after work these days. It's much nicer to just relax, listen to some music or settle down with a good book or cook something or maybe just enjoy a meal at leisure. I no longer carry my phone everywhere I go. Unless I am driving by myself, in which case I have to be prepared in case I have car trouble (which, thankfully, has not happened to me while driving alone). If I am out in the neighbourhood taking a walk, I don't need a phone. Maybe an iPod, but not necessarily. I sometimes like to walk at a leisurely pace and see which flowers are blooming around the neighbourhood and how many of them I can name. Or, if I am walking near my office at lunch time, I just visit the waterfront and watch the seagulls and the little kids (I work very close to the Boston Children's Museum. There are always a lot of kids around. At least in good weather, which is a prerequisite for me taking a walk outdoors.) as they play around.

And you know what? It may sound like a cliche, but it feels really good to slow down and smell the roses.


actinium said...

Presently, I doubt if I'd ever be (mature enough?) to be able to think like that...not that I want to, at least presently ;-)
I know its a bit weird comment...well, you know me :D

Bhavya said...

Yes, I know you, and I like weird comments as long as they don't get too weird