Monday, November 30, 2009

A Thought

You know how, when someone lives in a foreign country like the States or England for a while, they pick up the local accent? The younger they are, the faster and more apparent the transition is.

And then there are the African Americans who have lived here for generations and still have a distinctive accent. Why are we Indians trying so very hard to fit in?


Anonymous said...

"Why are we Indians trying so very hard to fit in?"

Exactly what I feel!! It's not only about accent. You can extend it to a number of other things.. In fact, a blog post on this topic has been due for some time (as on many other ones :(( )

Bhavya said...

Yup, it's not just about the accent, but that is one of the most obvious things.

hope u find some time to write your pending posts soon :)